Alumni Blog: Adam Vazquez

Adam Vazquez and Abdool Corlette (BFA Film 2013) created a new documentary series about 50 queer and transgender men of color. The first 25 episodes of Other Boys NYC premieres today (2/11) on SLAY TV.

As a queer person of color I never saw myself represented in the media. For many years this lack of identification caused deep confusion about my identity and where I fit into the LGBTQ community. A main reason I wanted to become a filmmaker was to tell stories that included my experiences. In November 2014, Abdool Corlette, Creator and Co-producer of Other Boys NYC, and I talked about what we could do to shift the narrative. We wanted create something that shines a spotlight on the richness and struggles of the LGBTQ community of color. Two years later we completed Other Boys NYC.

Other Boys NYC is a documentary series that explores the diverse experiences of 50 queer and transgender men of color in New York City. It comes at a time in which race, sexuality, and gender identity are hot button topics discussed in politics, the media, and homes around the world. The series aims to inspire discussion through taking an intimate look at those topics as well as others like dating, family, masculinity, socio-economics, religion, and career.

We believe that the change starts with establishing commonality. We hope that Others Boys NYC galvanizes people of color within the LGBTQ community and inspire those outside of it to listen. Awareness and understanding are key to bringing people together.

The first 25 videos will premieres today exclusively on SLAY TV, a new global queer media network that elevates narratives by people of color set to launch with Other Boys NYC. Following that, the next 25 videos will be released on a weekly basis.


For more information, visit:

Follow Other Boys NYC on Facebook and Twitter @otherboysnyc

Abdool Corlette (Creator, Co-Producer) @akcorlette

Adam Vazquez (Co-Producer) @ AdamVazquez1


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