Alumni Blog: Alejandro Cortés

Recent graduate Alejandro Cortés (BFA Cinematography 2017) is back with another blog. Here, he speaks about his recently completed feature, And the Boys Go.

Filming And The Boys Go was a great experience. I’ve worked with Writers/Directors, Matt Hoff and Daniel Ennab, a number of times and I know what they’re capable of. When they asked me to shoot their feature film, I said ‘yes’ immediately. I knew it was going to be a challenge but their commitment and hard work pushed the project forward. It was a process that took more than a year, and involved shooting a short film based on the feature to attract investors. That production familiarized us with the story and style, and taught us what worked and what didn’t.

The production was only 12 days of principal photography, with 2 extra days for pick-ups. Some days we shot 10 pages or more, and everyone gave it their all to make the days work. We made it, thanks to the hardworking friends that were by my side, especially Diego Cordero, who was operating camera B. He was as physically tired as I was  — we had to hike to locations and do many hand-held shots. The rest of the team did an incredible job, too.


In the end, I was very excited to see the film on the big screen but I never thought it was going to be as successful as it was. The line on opening night went all the way from the inside theatre to the street! We had a full house and the response from the audience was very positive. I’m grateful for the opportunity that Matt and Daniel gave me and I’m excited to be working with them in the future.


Next, I’m working on a set for Alumni Dharius Zulkefli, and then I’m on two thesis films for the class of 2018, one as 1st AC and the other as Director of Photography (for my dear friend Corin Michalski). After that, I hope to work with George Lavoo on his new web series.

Meanwhile, I’ll be prepping for my second feature film — as DP for the very talented Paula Cury. I’ve worked on all of her films in the US, and will be soon traveling to the Dominican Republic to bring Paula’s wonderful script to life.

I’m excited to join in other projects in between the ones confirmed, and to sit down with some directors that have expressed interest in working with me.

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