Faculty Blog: Audrey Rapoport

Not everyone is funny — it’s a gift. There’s a reason Comedy Improv instructor, Audrey Rapoport, is so popular: She’s super gifted. 

You know what I love most about teaching?  Terrified students.

rapper improv WCFNot terrifying students, as in that’s what I do to them. (I don’t, I promise.)  Terrified students, as in students who are terrified.  The first question I ask on Day 1 of my Comedy Improv class, is “Who here is terrified?”  Usually, one or two students are brave and honest and raise their hands.  The rest, I assume, are lying or have shoulder difficulties which make it painful to raise their arms.

I love students who, although nervous and anxious, still manage to sign up and show up!  Improvisation is an essential life skill.  It’s all about collaboration, communication, working and thinking instinctually, quick thinking under pressure, finding your confidence, owning your voice, listening (reeeeeealllly listening), and working towards a shared goal.  Think of all the ways these skills could be put to use outside of class!   It makes me very happy when I run into former students who tell me that they use what they’ve learned in my class over and over in their everyday lives.

You notice anything missing in the above paragraph?  Maybe a little somethin’ somethin’ about COMEDY?  Not to worry, Slappy, I’ve got you covered.  The truth of the matter is that this class is not about BEING funny.  The comedy comes out of the truth and logic of the situation and you’ll learn how to find that truth and logic.  Comedy is the natural by-product of this process.  A by-product that is safe, clean, environmentally friendly; and additionally will improve your health.  Guaranteed results in 15 weeks!  I’m all about the Terror Abatement!

Improv + e = Improve.  I know this, because my damn autocorrect tells me every single time I type the wordimprov.  You can only imagine how many times I type the word improv.  Don’t be a whippersnapper and tell me that there’s an easy way to override that function and all I have to do is go into Settings<Autocorrect<Action<WayneBrady<Reboot<DOS.   Who needs technology?  Improvisation is all about person-to-person connection, head and body connection, and connecting the dots.  Not a USB cable to be found.  Now you kids get off my lawn before I call the police.

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