Student Blog: Emmanuella Zachariou

Third year cinematographer Emmanuella Zachariou’s 16mm experimental short, Mère d’Inri is now an official selection for the Coney Island Film Festival and will be screening September 17th at 7:00 PM. 


unnamed-1I’m currently a junior cinematography major at SVA, but I also enjoy directing. I have directed & shot a various number of music videos & short films that have been published on blogs/magazines such as Interview Magazine and SPIN… but I’ve never had a film play at a festival. I recently found out that my 16mm short Mère d’Inri is an official selection for the Coney Island Film Festival. The film was shot completely on 16mm film during my first year at SVA. This experimental short explores the loss of innocence and purity. The title, translates literally to “Mother of Inri (Christ)”; mother meaning the virgin Mary. Mère d’Inri uses symbolic interpretations to convey the message being brought across to the audience.

I came to SVA because I am passionate for the visual arts, and believe SVA is a great place for me to pursue my dreams and meet likeminded artists to connect with. I have been directing and shooting music videos, short films, and documentaries since the age of fifteen. Cinematography is extremely meaningful to me. When I see a beautiful image, or well constructed film, I cannot help but get filled with many emotions. It’s those emotions that motivate me. Cinematography is such a beautiful craft, to create your vision from pure imagination and use tools and endless lighting options to skillfully produce it. I absolutely love implementing it. Through filmmaking, and especially cinematography I hope to keep expanding my passion and experiences via my exploration of symbolic interpretations. I hope to keep adding new perspectives to share with my audience. I’m very excited for this upcoming year at SVA!

You can see more of Emmanuella’s work here, and follow her on Instagram.

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