Student Blog: Nick Avloshenko, Tal Drori & Matthew Dejesu

Thesis student Tal Drori (BFA Film) collaborated with Computer Art students Nick Avloshenko and Matthew Dejesu by producing their film Godspeed.


Nick Avloshenko:
Ever since applying to SVA for computer art, I dreamed of collaborating with the film department students create a powerful film with an impactful story, dynamic visual effects, and stunning cinematography. Until last year, I did not know what the film would be about, so I sat down with my friend Matthew DeJesu, who is co-directing and editing the film, and started working on the screenplay. Our producer Tal Drori, Matt, and I have worked on many video projects throughout our years at SVA, but this was our biggest project yet. The first thing we focused on was developing a strong character and story. Then, visual effects were used to blend transitions between scenes perfectly together, and to make important moments more extraordinary. The story follows a guy named Michael, through his moral transition into adult life full of consequences.

Tal Drori:
I met Nick and Matt 2 years ago. We had an instant chemistry and quickly became good friends and collaborators. Matt might be the most talented and creative editor I’ve ever met, and Nick is the most amazing visual effect artist. Collaborating with the two of them is very natural and organic. When I read the idea for Nick and Matt’s project I became very excited and knew I had to be a part of it.

Matthew Dejesu:
Working on this project with only two other creators has been the best decision making a film so far. Nick and I wanted to prove that working with the right cast and crew and pacing ourselves throughout the production, movies can be made with virtually no budget. Even when things go wrong, we knew to push though and be aggressive to get the shots we wanted, even if it meant saying sorry later. Now, with only a week to go, I am truly excited to showcase what we have put together for the community and spark some new ideas for future filmmakers and creators.

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