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Alumni Blog: Justin Ho

Indefatigable D.P. Justin Ho always has his camera ready. This time, NY’s High Line Garden takes him back to childhood…..

I heard about the interactive lego installation at the highline and immediately wanted to check it out. Legos were and still are a big part of my life. They’re one of those toys that nurtures creativity and experimentation. But better yet, bringing a bunch of strangers together to build and create structures on top of each other is brilliant! It’s a perfect example of entropy, and how we try to make sense of the universe. Building things, trying to form order out of disorder. And stepping back looking at all the lego structures everyone contributed to all you see is one giant mass of disorder. A beautiful representation of the universe. Which goes to show we are all the same, just a jumbled mess trying to form order where there isn’t.

Watch our interview with Justin discussing SVA’s cinematography program, here.

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