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FACULTY: Deniz Demirer

Director, Writer, Cinematographer

We are always looking at artwork but it seems that less and less often does the work see us. Good art should reveal us to ourselves.

When Roger Deakins saw the film Forest Born for which I was cinematographer he wrote, “I thought Forest Born was extremely well made. I particularly liked the night work! So simple and effective.” I drew immense encouragement from his letter, it was wind under my wings. Encouragement is often lacking in the film world and we must have immense tenacity to keep going because nothing is certain—not in life, not in art. There is a voice inside us that we must learn to trust even if affirmation from the world at large is sparse. Eventually, if we persist, that voice will be cultivated into a unique aesthetic and perhaps then we can, for a brief moment, see ourselves for what we truly are.

Franklin & Marshall College (BA in Scientific and Philosophical Studies of the Mind with a concentration in Mind and Nature); California College of Art (MFA in Creative Writing); William Esper Studio (2-Year Meisner Program).

August Round (2019/20) – Director & Co-Writer – Feature Film – in pre-production
Simon’s Agony (2019/20) – Writer & Director – Short Film – 19mins
A Rainy Day In New York (2018) – Small Supporting – Dir. Woody Allen
Chinaroom (2017) – Writer & Director & D.P.
Ezer Kenegdo (2016) – Writer & Director (with Daniel Kremer) – featuring Josh Safdie
Love Twice (2016) – Lead Actor “Sal” (w/ John Cale of the Velvet Underground) – Mill Valley International FF
Devised (2016) – Lead Actor “Lovis” – Feature Film
Knowing Nothing Cold (2016) – Cinematography – EIFF (“Best Narrative Feature” WINNER), Defy Film Festival, New Filmmakers LA, Film Festival of Columbus, Queens World Film Festival
HappyAngrySad (2015) – Lead “Dan” (Short) – Walnut Creek Intern’l FF & 18th CAIFF & Bay Area Short FF
Forest Born (2015) – Cinematography (Short) – Portland Film Festival (“Best Short Film” WINNER); Alexandria Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, New Hampshire Film Festival (“Best Short Film” WINNER)
Butterfly Cage (2015) – Experimental – 8mm – Official Selection – Visionaria International FF (Siena)
Paradise Club (2014) – Cinematography – 12th Other Venice Film Festival (“Best Feature Film” WINNER)
I Am the Change (2014) – Director, D.P., & Editor – Documentary Film for SF District Attorney’s Office
Bridge to a Border (2014) – Supporting Actor “Vaclav” – Mill Valley Film Festival – World Premiere
American Mongrel (2014) – Writer & Director & D.P. – Lewiston-Auburn Film Festival
Cutting the Pattern (2013) – Cinematography (Short)
A Leap to Take (2013) – Lead “Eddie” – Moscow International Film Festival & Varna International Film Fest
Collapse (2013) – Cinematography – Mill Valley Film Festival – World Premiere
Maelstrom (2012) – Lead Actor “Ethan” & Editor – Mill Valley Film Festival – World Premiere
Sand (2010) – 2nd Unit Cinematography – Syracuse International Film Fest
Not I (2010) – Writer & Director – Featuring Lorena Feijoo of the San Francisco Ballet Company
Nocturnal Jake (2009) – Writer & Director – Featuring David Boyce of the Broun Fellinis
The Nox Cycle (2008-09) – Writer & Director – 15 Short Films related to the ‘Nocturnal Jake’ feature film
Don’t Let Me (2008) – Writer & Director – Short Film
Used (2007) – Supporting Actor “Chuck” – Mill Valley Film Festival – World Premiere (Film #2 of 9@Night)
Pan (2006) – Supporting Actor “Chuck” – Mill Valley Film Festival – World Premiere (Film #8 of 9@Night)
For Mothers (2006) – Experimental – 8mm film
Security (2005) – Editor – Green Cine International Film Festival (“Audience Award” WINNER)

Production I/II
Digital Filmmaking I/II
Directing I
Directing II