FACULTY: James Grimaldi

Screenwriter & Playwright

I come from the Hollywood studio system, having worked at Disney (as a screenwriter) and at Twentieth Century Fox (in feature-film development). Throughout the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with studio heads, powerful producers, spectacular animation artists, outrageous videogame designers, cutting-edge MMO developers, the almighty film-marketing department and the best storyboarders on the planet.

By teaching at SVA, I get to share all that Hollywood knowledge with my students, and apply it to every animation film project that goes through my class—from sellable logline and amazing story to Hollywood-worthy script and breathtaking storyboards to pitches that take agents and film producers by storm.

Although I love the big studio films, I am equally passionate about independent animation films. So I encourage my students to find their true voice as animation storytellers, from the loveable optimist to the darkest rebel. From classical to cutting-edge, I want my students to develop the strongest, clearest and most captivating stories.

B.A. in Film – University of Toronto

M.S.W. – Yeshiva University

B.A. – Modern Languages

Twentieth Century Fox – Feature Film Development Mentorship

Disney, Hyperion, Space Time Studios, Imagineering, Management 360.

Twentieth Century Fox, New Line Cinema, Sigourney Weaver, the President of International Film Production at Sony Pictures

Projects in development at: Disney & Management 360

Fundamentals of Narrative