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FACULTY: Sal Petrosino

Director of Operations

The greatness of Creativity, whether you create a painting, a script....a child, is the evolution of what you create. This personal journey does not only belong to the creator, but to what is created. Filmmaking presents this personal journey as no other medium can.

Film encompasses so many other arts—music, design, photography—and has the ability to move and affect people in profound ways. As artists, it is our obligation to take the risk of this personal journey.

As educators, we are given the honor and responsibility of standing in front of each student to share not only an expertise but also our human experiences. How can we ask students to risk being personal and vulnerable to the truth of their lives and stories if we are not? A classroom is an environment comprised of individuals, each of whom presents an opportunity for a unique encounter, and it is our responsibility to explore all that is possible in each of those encounters.

BFA, School of Visual Arts; Baruch College

Crossroads, Passions, They Used To Call It South Brooklyn, Isolation Tank.Commercials/industrials include: Heineken Beer, UN2, American Design Furniture Collection


Moments of Mind, Seasonal Passages