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FACULTY: Simona Migliotti Auerbach

Producer, Set Designer

My purpose at SVA is to make filmmakers aware of the art and craft of production design for motion pictures, and to provide practical, technical and aesthetic guidance. I like to bring all of my experience to help students to achieve their vision of a film.

The goal is to give students the experience of producing a scene from a present day and/or period movie. With limitations come necessary inventions. The kind of lessons that instruct us how to modify an existing environment or what kind of change makes the location and the character more realistic, yet true to the spirit of the script. The setting as well as the costume and makeup need to be consistent and part of a whole.

The work of the designer is evident in the concept sketches. Many decisions are made from the initial research to final production and the designer must find the perfect locations to prepare for the shoot. To know the past is certainly a useful tool, even when preparing a movie set in the present. Students need to learn different historical periods with diligence and passion. Just as important is the psychology of the characters and how that might be externalized through concept sketches. In the end, students will use their research and imagination to recreate something genuinely new.

Master’s Art Degree, History of Art, University of Rome, “La  Sapienza”

Degree at CSC in Production Designer, National Film School, Italy

2013    UN RICORDO  (From T.Capote)  adaptation, theatre piece

2012    TROOPER ,   Assistant Art Director, J. Arkin

2009    MORNING GLORY, Assistant Art Director, Roger Michell, Par.

2006    THE DARJEELING LIMITED, Assistant Art Director, PD M.Friedberg, W. Anderson.

2005    LA SECONDA NOTTE DI NOZZE, Production Designer, D.Avati

2004 MA QUANDO ARRIVANO LE RAGAZZE, Production Designer, A.

2004 HBO “ROME,” Draftsman/Standby Art Director, HBO Produc.


PD Mark Friedberg, Di. Wes Anderson.

2002 LA RIVINCITA DI NATALE, Production Designer, Dir. Avati

2002 (ENCHANTED) ILCUORE ALTROVE, Production Designer,

*(Nominee, David di Donatello Award, Best It. PD), Dir. Avati

2001     I CAVALIERI CHE FECERO L’IMPRESA, Set Decorator, Avati         

2001  THE INVISIBLE COLLECTION, Production Designer

2000    PADRE PIO, Set Decorator, Di.Carlo Carlei

1999 VIPERA, Art Director/Set Decorator, Director: S. Citti

1999   THE NANNY, Set Decorator, Period piece, Marco Bellocchio

1998   EXQUISITE CORPSES, (Cadaveri eccellenti) Set Decorator HBO.

1997   COME AND GO, Set Decorator, Titanus Prod. Dir. Sindoni

1996   MOTHER BY CHANCE, Set Decorator, Dir. S.Martino

1995   AN OSCAR FOR TWO, Set Decorator, Prod. Verbano Dir. Farina

1994   MAGIC GREEN, Set Decorator, Produc. R.P.A.

1993   THE RETURN OF FANTOZZI, Art Director, Dir. N.Parenti

1991   POLIZIOTTI, Set Decorator, Dir. G.Base

1990   TIES AND BETRAYALS, Production Designer, Documentary fi.

1990   BLACK AND WHITE, Production Designer, R.A.I. telemovie

1990   ANGELO, Production Designer, R.A.I. Telemovie

1989   THE LIFE OF RITA LEVI MONTALCINI, Production Designer

2003 David di Donatello Award Nominee, Production Design, IL Cuore Altrove (Enchanted)

2003 Chioma di Berenice Award, Best Italian Production Design, Il Cuore Altrove

2004 Premio di Qualita Award, Il Cuore Altrove (Enchanted)

2007 Premio di Qualita Award, Ma Quando Arrivano Le Ragazze

Production Design