Guest Blog: Adam Schartoff 2

Adam Schartoff is returning to SVA for his final screening of the semester. This month, Adam will be interviewing Day Night Day Night director Julia Loktev, and editor Michael Taylor.


Adam Schartoff interviewing Remote Area Medical filmmakers,

Adam Schartoff interviewing Remote Area Medical filmmakers, Jeff Reichert & Farihah Zaman.

I’m thrilled with how the first two screenings of the SVA / Filmwax Radio film series have gone. So far we’ve screened John Turturro’s 2005 musical Romance & Cigarettes back in February with Mr. Turturro in attendance, and last week we screened the powerful documentary about poverty and health care in the US, Remote Area Medical with filmmakers Jeff Reichert & Farihah Zaman in attendance. If you missed either of these films, they are both available on iTunes. The audiences have been great, by the way. I wanted to take the last group home with me. Out to dinner and continue the discussion.

DAYNIGHT Screening PosterOur next screening is a little different. We’re showing Julia Loktev’s dramatic thriller Day Night Day Night, about an anonymous young woman who arrives in Manhattan strapped with explosives and a cell phone detonator. Ms. Loktev (The Loneliest Planet) is joining us for a Q&A with the editor of the film, Michael Taylor. Taylor, who is a friend, has been a guest on my podcast, and is the editor of countless great indies, including Zach Braff’s Garden State, Rick Alverson’s last two features The Comedy and Entertainment, and Liza Johnson’s upcoming Elvis & Nixon which stars Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey. I’ve seen Michael at work and I rarely meet anyone as engaged in the editing process. One usually considers the editor’s involvement as part of post-production, but it’s not unusual for Taylor to be on the set already assembling the the film and contributing his ideas to the producer and director. I’m interested in the relationship between director and editor, since they must work so closely together to create a common vision.



Day Night Day Night is our third and final screening for this semester, and it takes place on Wednesday, April 20th at 6:30 at 209 East 23rd St, Room 502. We hope to be back in the Fall with a new bunch of great indie films and the best from the indie filmmaking community.

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