Meet the Masters: Day 2

Join writer and BFA Film Chair Mary Lee Grisanti from 10:00-11:00 am as she shares the importance of your own voice in creating visual and vibrant stories that will make audiences care.

Then join David Black from 1:00-2:00 pm as he shares how original concepts become television shows, including the many details it takes to creatively manage as a showrunner.

Mary Lee Grisanti is Chair of SVA’s BFA Film department, as well as a novelist, screenwriter and television writer. To paraphrase one of her heroes: She is a writer by nature, a literary theorist by education — and a teacher out of love. If you guess her hero (hint: Warsaw Ghetto) straight A’s for the rest of your life. (Not really – her rewards are usually chocolate or books.)
David Black is a celebrated writer and showrunner. Anyone ever heard of Law and Order? A great storyteller, he teaches Advanced Screenwriting.

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