Meet the Masters: Day 6

Monday, July 13th

On the first day of the second week we’ll be talking with producers. From 10:00-11:00 am, Stacy Herman will explain the world of line producing and all the trials and tribulations of actually getting a film completed.

At 1:00-2:00 pm, Matt Lombardi describes how he creates longform news stories for a Primetime audience. Moderated by Stacy Herman.


Stacy Herman, who teaches Line Producing, is a founding member of the Producers Guild of America’s East chapter, additionally acting in the capacity of first Financial Officer. For nineteen years, she has championed relevant industry issues and is currently on the Women’s Impact Committee, dealing with Anti Harassment Issues.


Matthew Lombardi is a senior producer on ABC’s 20/20 and a 30-year veteran of broadcast journalism at all three networks.  He’s covered Katrina, the Las Vegas mass shooting, the murder conviction of an 11-year old boy (it got overturned – after seven years). You know how tough it is to deal with the news – now, get it right and get it on TV. Moderated by Stacy Herman.


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