Monday Alumni: Kate Howley

Kate Howley accepts her award from Ellen Barkin

Feb Kate Howley accepts her award from Ellen Barkin

Feb 3, 2015 update: Kate Howley’s doc River Men has been accepted into the College Town Film Festival!

Kate Howley is the 2014 Dusty winner of the Outstanding Doc and Human Spirit Award. She is also a professional photographer.

When I was a kid I used to pretend there were cities in the clouds. Giant, ancient cities held up and concealed behind the clouds. But not those little puffs that float by on a spring day. These cities hide behind the mighty, towering clouds that are so large and powerful they seem almost solid. They’re the kind that you see forming miles away over the ocean, marching on up the coast. You see them when you turn onto a highway and they linger in the distance but you never seem to catch up. 

As I grew up, I began to appreciate clouds as an adult. They are enormously powerful things but they still have patience. They take their time. To this day they still take my breath away in their beauty and their simplicity. I take pictures of them constantly.

image (1)

Taken on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn.

As a documentarian I am always on the lookout for amazing things in the world around me. Even if it’s not something necessarily worth making a documentary over, I feel like it’s my job to preserve and document anything that is beautiful and wondrous in this world.

Currently I am applying to various festivals with my documentary River Men, which is a three part story about the men of South River, New Jersey who are struggling to keep their family-owned businesses running during the downfall of American Industry. I follow three men, all in different industries, as they explain how and why they have stayed in these fields for over 40 years, even though it became progressively harder as companies moved overseas. One of these men is my father.

River Men is the winner of the Human Spirit Award and Outstanding Documentary at the 25th Dusty Film & Animation Festival.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

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