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We get what we deserve.

110916-wabc-chart-borough-breakdown-overall-imgI was asked to talk about why people overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump in my hometown of Staten Island. The answer is simple – like you, the people of Staten Island had their own reasons. Yet in the last week, I’ve seen countless Facebook posts with “#notmypresident,” and people proclaiming they can no longer be friends with anyone who voted for Trump. Why?

The truth is that Donald Trump is the President we deserve. He won the presidency according to the constitutional framework that governs our free elections. You don’t have to like him but for the next four years he’s OUR President. In any other election in American history, Donald Trump might not have won. However the Democratic party chose a representative with so many issues that she lost to a racist reality star.

Over the past week, I’ve seen the protests and watched my friends shed tears over the next leader of the free world. You might protest on the streets but where were you when it mattered? How many of you went door-to-door volunteering? How many of you pushed for your beloved Bernie to win the nomination, then sat it out when he didn’t.

I’ve seen posts from my Manhattan liberal friends sharing articles about Staten Island and how we must all be homophobic racists because we voted for Trump. Sounds similar to Trump’s generalizations of Mexicans or Muslims.

It’s easy to hate Donald Trump. It’s easy to hate anyone. That’s how Donald Trump became President. He tapped into fear and hate that too many of us have. Donald Trump freely chooses to hate and you freely chose to hate back. He’s a reflection of who we are as a society.

Maybe when we choose to listen and love instead of shout and hate, we’ll see that reflected in our leaders. For today, I’m proud to be an American with President Barack Obama. On January 20th, I’ll continue to be a proud American with President Donald Trump.



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Alexa Hagan

i agree 100% joseph