Student Blog: Amanda DiMartino

Halfway across the world, third year student and VASA president, Amanda DiMartino, has been a part of something truly unique. She is a participant in Building Bridges – an international program in collaboration across media and performing arts. Here she tells us about one day’s experience, and shares the work her group created.

IMG_0346As part of the second phase of Building Bridges, we went to Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland. Building Bridges is an immersive and collaborative program with three different schools in Europe, as well as NYU and SVA in New York City. It gives you the opportunity to make art with students from different cultures, languages and learning styles. On my third day in Zurich, I woke up with ambition.

Today, I decided I was going to go to Uteilberg, a mountain in IMG_0628Zurich. I love exploring and beautiful views, and was very excited to see Zurich from above. We had a group assignment for the day, in which the terms were to create our own world. The person who was Swiss in my group was Marie, and Marie knew how badly I wanted to see the mountain. Therefore, she decided she was going to give us a tour of the mountain and we would all explore our assignment there. Everyone in the group agreed, and was thrilled to hike the mountain. While on our way to the top, we became inspired very quickly. The IMG_0546nature was enticing, as well as the the other hikers around us. We soon learned that our assignment was going to be very raw and natural. We started by creating a basic structure of what we needed to complete the assignment and then we let the ideas flow as we walked. Once we got to the top, we had a complete video. It was truly incredible to look out onto Zurich, and be inspired by the world around us.

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