Student Blog: Anastasia Erastova

UPDATE: Anastasia has just released a second fashion video – featured above.

Third year student Anastasia Erastova shares her latest fashion film, as well as behind the scenes photos. Watch her film below.

Не Болтай! (Ne Boltai!)

model in a garment 1

The White Shirt design is based on the concept of creating a contemporary figure of a Russian woman as a motivational image for the USSR army and people during Proletarian Revolution. The main idea is to show the strength of a Russian Motherland character and demonstrate how it leads the soviet citizens.

behind the scenes 4

The inspiration for the garment comes from Constructivism – an artistic and architectural movement in Russia that emerged in 1913. It was an attempt to create a new type of utilitarian art that would help to educate the mass about social sensibility and make them follow Soviet socialist system. The most motivational posters were created by Alexander Rodchenko and El Lissitzky, who designed exhibitions and propaganda for the Soviet Union, using color and basic shapes to make strong political statements. “Ne Boltai!” embroidered on the back side of the garment, is a Russian slogan that comes from a famous graphic poster by Nina Vatolina and Nikolai Denivsov, which means “Don’t Chatter!” It is used to explore the idea of censorship that prevailed in Russia after WW2.

behind the scenes 2

In the fashion film, we wanted to show the power and strength of character, which is hidden under fragile female body. We imagined a USSR female warrior who is able to break gender stereotypes, defeat propaganda and stop censorship. Moreover, we used multiple screen editing to imitate surveillance cameras and thereby demonstrate the constant government control.

behind the scenes 3

A Film by Anastasia Erastova

Fashion & Styling by Vera Blinova

Starring Kate Alexandrovna

See more of Anastasia’s work by clicking here!

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