Student Blog: Anastasia Erastova

Short, sexy, and shot in three hours. Anatasia Erastova’s (BFA Directing, 2019) short film says twice as much without words.

15110290_290235891376701_8136453137906019556_oLast week I was assigned to direct an in-class shoot for Igor Sunara’s Second Year Production Class, with the goal of writing a short, dialogue-free scene. It was an exciting challenge to come up with a new idea that could be shot in a 3 hour class.

I have always been interested in the concept of time and its possibilities; how it can warp, slow down, speed up, and even reverse directions. Unfortunately, all of these ideas are theories, since humans only experience time as a continuous progress that only moves forward. In film, however, time does not exist. Every beginning has an ending and every ending is a new beginning.

15000071_290237541376536_769786340897390001_oIt is very often remarked that people live in endless cycles and that “history repeats itself.” To visualize this idea, I created LEVE⅃ – a silent palindromic short film, which implies it is the same backwards as it is forward. The film goes through a complete cycle, where characters eventually return to the starting point. When certain scenes are played backwards, the meaning of the story changes. LEVE⅃ starts as a love story, but ultimately turns into a story of separation and heartbreak. The idea of my film demonstrates that people return to where they have started and they go through the same events and emotions over and over. Instead of learning their lessons, they remain blind. We cannot turn back time and change our pasts, but we can live in the present and make the future different.

You can see LEVE⅃ and more of Anastasia’s work at:

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