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UPDATE: Domenica’s third year film, Ceviche, is being screened this Saturday at the Chelsea Cinepolis at 10:50pm. You can purchase tickets by clicking here.

*This blog was previously published to promote Domenica’s Queens Art Intervention

Thesis student Domenica Garcia (BFA Directing 2018) invites YOU to come and join her at the Queens Art Intervention next Saturday 09/23. Her performance Corazón Entristecido will be shown at 1pm & 3pm in Travers Park, Jackson Heights. 


Corazón Entristecido is a performance art and video piece that exposes an attitude of indifference towards violence in Latin America and the United States. The piece juxtaposes elements from both cultures (using iconic props like: Café Bustelo, Maria cookies and the New York Times) creating a parallel between both and ultimately comparing this vast disappointment with heartbreak.

Corazón 1

Corazón Entristecido will be part of this year’s Queens Art Intervention on September 23, 2017. The piece will be preformed in the streets of Jackson Heights, Queens. The performance invites its immigrant community to project their personal definition of heartbreak and disappointment. The QAI is a collaborative art event funded by the Rego Park Alliance, a non profit organization that promotes community art. This year eleven different artists will be taking the streets of Queens, inviting its community to reflect and discuss the theme of: Dwelling. QAI’s main objective is to make art accessible to the community, allowing its residents to be involved and participate in the emerging arts in the neighborhood of Queens. The compilation of works from the QAI will be exhibited at the Queens Museum from December 13, 2017 to January 20, 2018. Corazón Entristecido will be exhibited as a video piece full time and as a performance during the opening night.

Corazón 3

To me Corazón Entristecido is about the universality of a broken heart, the vast pain it provokes and the mechanism of detachment as a tool to cope. It’s a personal compilation of disappointments, covering the shattered hopes of a hypocrite United States, the farewell of my imperfect Latin America, the death of Luis García, my grandfather, and the ending of my first relationship. The piece revolves around Pobre Corazón, a song from the Ecuadorian musical genre Sanjuanito. Sanjuanitos are characterized by their contrast of melancholic lyrics and lively rhythms. The piece intertwines the collective with the individual, finding an universality within all the different forms of disappointment.

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