Student Blog: Hannah Stephens

Hannah Stephens (BFA, Animation 2020) shares the animatic of her latest project —  some haunting for the holidays…

Sage ConceptsI’m a second year animation student and illustrator whose inspiration derives from my studies in traditional folklore, the mythos of nature, and a childhood spent in my family’s chocolate shoppe. The Guest is a very personal project that I began earlier this semester. I define it as, “a fable of sorts.” It is a familiar story of a girl who returns home for the holidays after the adventures of schooling and self-growth, only to be met with a formidable spirit. It is a story that I am deeply connected with, stemming from my own experience of leaving home, finding myself, and leaving fear behind. While the story is still in its screenplay format and in concept art, I am determined to take it to the next level. The finished product may very well be a short graphic novel, a fully animated presentation, or perhaps both.


You can see more of Hannah’s work here:

Visual 2Visual 1IMG_2402

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