Student Blog: Justin Cannon

SVA film student, Justin Cannon, shares the 5th episode in his web series, The Cannon Reviews, a series in which he reviews games and technology. This episode: Google Cardboard’s Virtual Reality headset. 


I started this channel over the summer as something that would be fun, creative and entertaining. On the channel I review games as well as other technology and give my personal take on them. I do this in a comedic way that’s fun to watch whether you’re interested in what I’m reviewing or not. Working on personal projects gives me the freedom to hone all of my filmmaking skills, as well as having full creative freedom. With this channel I hope to build and audience and a community that can give me direct feedback about what they like and dislike. I have a lot of fun creating these videos, I hope you enjoy watching them.

In making these videos, I realized the importance of preparation. I start with finding the item I’d like to review. Then I record the footage from the device and write the script based on my experience with the product. If I have enough to say, I move on to filming the review. While filming the reviews, I usually leave myself open to any improv I might think of in the moment. After filming, I do all the voice-over with multiple takes of several different inflections. Then I move on to editing, putting the project together in a cohesive review. I usually make some last minute voice-over tweaks and then the video is ready for consumption. This process has taught me the importance of the script but also the importance of being myself on camera and saying whatever comes naturally.

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