Student Blog: Sarah Beim

Third year student Sarah Beim is looking ahead to thesis year and beginning production on her dystopian genre film, Preservation.


I have loved storytelling ever since I was little. Building new worlds and creating something from nothing is not only exciting, but freeing. I have always been fascinated by the Dystopian genre and wanted to create my own world for my thesis film. Preservation is my upcoming short film that takes place in a dystopian America, now known as Adrestia. The film is about a Heath, a Governor’s son who wants nothing more than to live a regular teenage life, but he finds being in a prominent political family makes that nearly impossible. One day his corrupt, power-hungry uncle takes the Governors title after Heath’s father departs, and Heath must put his put aside personal issues to protect himself and those closest to him.


Creating the world of Adrestia was a real challenge because it’s a future completely different from the real world. I pulled inspiration from Greek Mythology and the Victorian mourning culture, using elements from each to try and build the country of Adrestia and their customs. Adrestia is the Greek Goddess of Balance and retribution; the ethics of right and wrong.

Back in November I shot a test scene/Indiegogo fundraiser campaign teaser (video above). It was really exciting to see the world and characters that I had built in my mind finally take shape. The cast and crew were so much fun to work with and I’m so excited to work with most of them again for the actual filming.


This project is different than any of my other works, and it feels amazing to step out of my comfort zone to try something new. Preservation can’t be made without your help! If you would like to support the film, please check out the Indiegogo. Share and donate if you can. It would mean so much!

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Catt Hope

Preservation leaves you utterly amazed it is definitely the next cult like movie like the Hunger Games..

u need to listen the doors
ray manzarek and jim morrison really obsessed with Dystopian