SVA at the All American High School Film Festival

On Saturday, October 6th, 2018, students and administration represented SVA at the college fair during the All American High School Film Festival!


Taking part in the college fair at the All American High School Film Festival was incredibly rewarding and a lot of fun! Having the opportunity to meet young filmmakers that the current SVA students will be passing the torch on to was really something else. Everyone in that room had a similar goal or passion and no one was afraid to share it. We spent the entire day talking about the art of filmmaking and how SVA has furthered our filmmaking dreams. I hope to see some of the students I meet at this event in the halls of the 209 building next year.


Below are pictures from the event!







IMG_5199 IMG_5166 IMG_5266 IMG_5269 IMG_5236 IMG_5262 IMG_5244 IMG_5227 IMG_5221 IMG_5214 IMG_5201 IMG_5194 IMG_5162 IMG_5100 IMG_5075 IMG_5135 IMG_5130 IMG_5149 IMG_5103 IMG_5076 IMG_5098 IMG_5046 IMG_5081 IMG_5057 IMG_5049 IMG_5044 IMG_5041 IMG_5034 IMG_5032 IMG_5027 IMG_5026 IMG_5024

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