FACULTY: Kerry Fulton

Producer, Owner, Out of the Box Features NY

There continues to be, as there always has been, a disconnect between film school and the world of work.  I myself went to NYU Tisch film school and have recently joined the faculty at SVA teaching Career Strategies to final year film students and as such, I hope I am helping make the jump into the workforce a little bit easier. My strategy is to expose students to current trends and active industry professionals who have the ability to hire and share wisdom.

As a creative producer of films and television, I have worked in most areas of film production over the years and understand the needs of departments. I like to get involved with projects  at development stage I’m passionate about, and I will fight to the death to help get them made.

I have had an international career, having lived and worked in US (in production and editing rooms and HBO), Australia (in development, production, marketing), Asia (in TV) and Europe (for Sony Europe and as a independent producer).  Working around the globe has exposed me to different story telling norms and gives me an edge in the changing distribution marketplace where international rules.

The changing marketplace is interesting to me, as technology not only changes the way we make films, but the way we finance/distribute/market, and how we view them.  As the world become more interconnected the variety and quantity of content available to us can sometimes be overwhelming. Learning how to navigate this keeps me busy.

This year has been an especially busy one – I have two very different films in the market and have just sold my first TV series to CBS.

Justin and the Knights of Valour is an independent 3D kids animated film about a boy who wants to be a knight.  I produced out of Granada, Spain using a stellar English voice cast. The film premiered in the UK in September 2013 and has been released in a further 39 countries. It was a tremendous experience for me working in animation. Technology drives this medium and it is costly and time consuming. The difficulties in the independent animation world were challenging on the one hand and incredibly rewarding on the other. The film can be seen on Netflix in the US and you can watch the trailer here.

At the same time I produced an independent personal documentary called Ana y yo with a first time Spanish director. The film is centered on a woman’s search for the truth about her unusual family. The film was a co-production between Spain and Finland. We shot in Spain and Equatorial Guinea and did post in Finland. It was developed at Eurodoc and produced over 4 years, it has participated in a number of international film festivals and will release on Seed & Spark VOD platform this month, you can watch the Ana y Yo trailer here.

and the CBS show is still confidential but hopefully will be on television soon!

BFA – NYU Tisch School of the Arts Film/TV, USA

Graduate Diploma Arts Management (Masters Program) – University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Film Credits include:

Justin and the Knights of Valour (Spain), Ana y yo (Spain), Melissa P. (Italy), Di Que Si (Spain), Q&A (US), Valentino Returns (US), Shakedown (US), Stones for Ibarra (US), Family Business (US), Casualties of War (US), Cookie (US), Internal Affairs (US)

TV credits include:

In Singapore: AlterAsians (Best Asian Drama) One Small IslandKachang Puteh to Popcorn: A History of Singapore Film among others.

Goyas (Spain), The Platino Award for Iberoamerican Cinema, Golden Trailer Award,Documenta Madrid (Spain), CinEuropa Film Festival (Spain), The World African Film Festival (Cameroon), The Mediterranean Film Festival in Split (Croatia)

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