SVA Film offers “hands-on” learning. We have the most equipment per student of all the East Coast film schools, and generous access to it. In film, the best way to learn is by doing—and you will be in production from your very first class.

You will have the chance to work with many kinds of cameras from the newest digital HD cameras to the huge and classic Panavision. Our production staff—many filmmakers themselves—stays current of the changing technologies in production and postproduction to assure that our students are working with cameras, sound and other production equipment used in professional studios. We have two state-of the-art editing labs, which feature the leading postproduction applications: Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro. These labs offer top-of-the-line Macintosh computers for students to bring their projects to professional standards. Our Audio Postproduction Facility is equipped with Avid Pro Tools HD stations, a wide range of microphones and 55,000 soundtracks to choose from. It also features a glassed-in isolation booth that is utilized for everything from voice over to Foley work to instrumental recordings. We also license one of the largest music libraries in the world, Audio Network, which provides production music (64,000 tracks) in every style, as well as sound effects. This means that students can own the rights to all the music on their soundtracks—a significant advantage for an emerging filmmaker. Our film library houses more than 15,000 titles, including old and rare films, animations and short films.

SVA Film has its own, state of the art, pro tools HD Audio Facility.  The key is its versatility – you can do everything from recording music for scores, Foley (sound effects) and ADR (dubbing) – right up through your final mix. In the industry, each one of these functions would happen in its own specialized place. This is what makes SVA’s facility unique – you can do it all. Our team strives to stay completely up-to-date, attending all of the industry conventions and launches, and maintaining great relationships with New York’s best professionals, to give you all the software and hardware you would see in the industry. WORKSTATIONS: The Audio Postproduction Facility consists of 7 state-of-the-art audio workstations. Each station is equipped with the following audio hardware:

  • Mac Pro Computers: 12 Core Processor/12 GB Ram/4-1 Terabyte SATA Drives
  • Apple 27″ LED Cinema Displays
  • JVC HD Video Monitors
  • Avid Pro Tools HD I/O Interface
  • Avid Pro Tools SYNC HD Units
  • Digidesign Command 8 Mixer Controller
  • Pro Tools HD 1 Accel Card
  • Avid Mojo Video Interfaces
  • PreSonus Central Monitoring Station
  • Rolls Headphone Amplifier
  • Genelec 8030A Audio Monitors

Each station is equipped with the following audio software:

  • Avid Pro Tools HD
  • Soundminer Sound Effect Database (over 35k sfx available)
  • Propellerheads Reason
  • Ableton Live
  • Apple Logic Studio
  • Propellerheads Recycle
  • Waves Platinum Plug-In Bundle

MICROPHONES AND PREAMPS: A wide array of microphones is available, ranging from the Shure SM57 to the Neumann U87. Students also get hands-on experience with popular high-end microphone pre-amplifiers from manufacturers like Vintech, Millennia and Avalon. ISOLATION BOOTH: The facility is also equipped with a large, custom constructed floating sound booth. The booth is utilized for everything from voice over and Foley work to musical instrument recording. A four-piece Pearl drum kit and 2 guitar amplifiers are available. AVAILABILITY: Outside of audio classes, students are encouraged to take advantage of lab time each week. There are also facility “overnights” in the later part of the spring semester extending access during the hours of 10pm to 4am on weeknights.

Specs and information of the Film editing Facility Non-linear editing systems: Our facility houses 27 individual Mac Pro 2.7 GHz 12-core workstations to accommodate our students’ needs. Non-Linear programs supported include Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro X, MovieMagic Budgeting software, DaVinci Resolve 12 Color Correction software and Avid Media Composer, as well as supplemental programs such as Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Adobe Media Encoder. Each editing station consists of: two Apple Thunderbolt 27” Widescreen LED Monitors. The Teaching stations within the classroom have in addition to the above equipment, 1 Sharp 32” 4k Ultra HD LED monitor, 1 projector and 1 scanner. Software: All stations are equipped with, Premiere Pro CC and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Final Cut Pro X, Da Vinci Resolve 12 (on selected stations) MovieMagic Budgeting, and Avid Media Composer 8. Hardware: Our facility also has a rack-room designed for capturing and outputting video and audio for tapes. It contains a Sony HDCAM deck, Teranex video up/down converter, Min DV/DV CAM decks, Beta SP decks, DVD players, S-VHS decks, audio cassette deck, Time Base Corrector, Black Burst Generator, Video Amplifier, audio mixer, Timecode generator, and 1 NTSC monitor. Data Storage: The facility has an Avid ISIS 5000 network which contains 32 Terabytes of drive storage space. Extra Features: Every computer comes equipped with sound effects libraries. Students are also encouraged to utilize for free soundtracks to use for their projects. While no food or drink is permitted near the stations, we will have a designated area in the facility for students to finish their food and drinks before working.  

COMPUTER SPECS: The Final Cut Pro Lab is equipped with 18 computers for student use. Specifications:

  • Processor: 2.7 GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5
  • Memory: 64GB 1867MHz DDR3 (4 x 16GB)
  • Storage capacity: 1TB SSD
  • Graphics card: Dual AMD FirePro D700 with 6GB of GDDR5 each
  • Each station has two 27 inch Thunderbolt LED flat-screen monitors

STORAGE & NETWORK: XSAN & Xserve: In the Final Cut Pro Lab, every computer is connected to a network and server. Instead of loading software and/or footage onto each computer individually (which takes days) the XSAN will allow administration to load elements onto every computer in a matter of hours. SPECIALTY HARDWARE:

  • (1) Promise A-Class SAN with 96TB of shared storage space for thesis films
  • (1) 50 inch Flanders Scientific Broadcast Monitor
  • (1) Tangent Element Control Surface
  • (7) JVC Broadcast HD monitors used for professional grade color correction
  • (18) Belkin Thunderbolt Docks mounted on every desk
  • (18) 8 Channel Headphone Amplifier on each station
  • (20) Promise Sanlink2 Adapters with 8Gb Fiber Optic connections
  • (7) Final Cut Pro X specialty keyboards

SOFTWARE: Final Cut Pro X (10.2.2): A 64-bit application, FCP X incorporates elements from Final Cut Pro 7 and Avid, and has changed the way we approach nonlinear editing. Motion 5: The latest version of Motion provides similar functions to Adobe After Effects, and works very well in conjunction with FCP X. Compressor 4: If a file is too large for the Internet or burning to a DVD or Blu-ray disc, Compressor can export the file in a different codec, size or frame rate. Adobe Premiere Pro: Adobe’s powerful non-linear editor with build in Lumetri Color panel and Morph cut transitions. After Effects: This powerful, professional compositing tool is used for motion graphics and green-screen footage, as well as detailed keyframe projects in both 2D and 3D environments. Adobe Photoshop: Whether it’s removing a hair from a single frame of film, doing background touch ups, or creating titles and credits, Photoshop is a professional tool for modifying specific frames or photographs. Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 11: The Emmy Award-winning color grading application has all the creative tools you need to work on everything from indie films to the largest Hollywood blockbusters. Logic Pro X: Includes a massive collection of instruments, effects, and loops, providing a complete toolkit to create amazing-sounding music and features great tools for sound mixing. Redcine-X Pro: REDCINE-X PRO provides an advanced coloring toolset, integrated timeline, and post effects collection in a professional, flexible environment for your 4K, 5K or 6K .R3D files. Boris Soundbite: Boris Soundbite quickly and accurately finds any word or phrase spoken in recorded media. Video editors can instantly play all occurrences of a spoken phrase in their media, then insert the perfect take into their FCP project, organize clips around keywords, and even find replacement words for problematic audio. 7toX: Brings your Final Cut Pro (7 or 6) XML forward to Final Cut Pro X so you can use Apple’s powerful new professional editing tools to update or finish your older projects. XtoPro Audio Convert: X2Pro integrates Final Cut Pro X into professional audio workflows, converting the exported Final Cut Pro X XML into an AAF file, which Avid Pro Tools can open as a session, delivering seamless integration between the two applications. Sync-N-Link: Eliminate the time-consuming chore of manually synchronizing dailies by batch processing an Event of unsynchronized clips exported from Final Cut Pro X via timecode. Producer’s Best Friend: Creates a formatted .xls spreadsheet report (for Numbers, Excel etc.) about the video clips, audio clips, markers, keywords, effects and transitions in FCPX. SliceX: Instant shape tracking powered by mocha’s Academy Award winning planar tracking engine. Just draw a shape and press track. TrackX: TrackX Powered by Mocha lets you track text or graphics to follow background motion directly in FCP X. Neatvideo Denoiser: Neat Video is a video filter designed to reduce visible noise and grain in video footage produced by digital video cameras. Hawaiki Color: Hawaiki Color is a fully featured FCP X grading tool built around a unique 3-Way color wheel professional interface.  

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