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SVA BFA Film draws its faculty from the NYC creative community: independent filmmaking, center of the universe for advertising and commercial production, and home of a steadily increasing number of TV studios. Our faculty have achieved honors and accolades from their peers, and also understand the complex needs of developing artists.

    • Profile photo of faculty member and BFA Film Chair Mary Lee Grisanti wearing a floral top and looking off camera at someone or something intently.
      Mary Lee Grisanti

      Acting Chair, BFA Film

    • closeup photo of KAMIL DOBROWOLSKI smiling charmingly at the camera
      Kamil Dobrowolski

      Director of Operations

    • Rob Kolodny holds a camera in profile
      Robert Kolodny

      Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor

    • black and white photo of Faculty member Frank Prinzi standing in front of a large film camera, looking off to the side.
      Frank Prinzi, ASC

      Cinematographer, Director

    • Headshot of faculty member Joan Brooker closeup of face smiling at camera
      Joan Brooker-Marks

      Documentarian, Writer

    • Black and white Profile photo of faculty member George LaVoo his head turned to the right, looking at the camera with a button up shirt
      George LaVoo

      Writer, Director

    • Black and white headshot of Charles Kpps wearing a black mockneck sweater and pinstripe blazer.
      Charles Kipps


    • Faculty Member Dejan Georgevich looks into the viewfinder of a camera
      Dejan Georgevich, ASC

      Cinematographer, Director

    • Faculty member Curt Beech stares into the camera in an artful black and white photo with out of focus pictures hanging on a wall behind him
      Curt Beech

      Production Designer

    • Profile photo of faculty member Todd Stephens in front of a turquoise building with a brown button up over a black shirt standing with his
      Todd Stephens

      Writer, Producer, Director

    • headshot of bfa film faculty Renee Silverman in close up smiling with mouth closed wearing a pear necklace slightly in frame at the bottom.
      Renee Silverman


    • Headshot of faculty member Under Agudo looking directly at the camera
      Ander Agudo

      Sound Designer, Mixer, Musician

    • Headshot of faculty member Fei Yang looking directly at the camera
      Fei Yang

      Art Director, Colorist, VFX Artist

    • Faculty Member Clay Holle looking out a window at New York City
      Clay Holley

      Sound Designer, Mixer, Engineer, Producer, Writer

    • Headshot of BFA film faculty member Nelson Isava.
      Nelson Isava

      Writer, Producer, Director

    • Profile Photo of BFA Film faculty memeber CorTney Collins. Black and white photo of woman smiling at camera
      CourTney Collins (Yost)

      Editor, DP, Story-Producer

    • artful Black and white headshot of Kay Hung looking directly into the camera
      Kay Hung

      Cinematographer, Director

    • Stacy Herman smiles at the camera in a close up that only shows her face and her long blonde hair.
      Stacy Hope Herman


    • Andre Degas wearing an all black shirt with a blue background.
      Andre Fuad Degas

      Filmmaker, Professor

    • Profile photo of faculty member Ian Holden Looking directly at camera in closeup with black t shirt on.
      Ian Holden

      Film Editor

    • Profile photo of faculty member Miah Artola in closeup with a big smile, gold necklace and purple hair ties holding her hair back.
      Miah Artola


    • Alessandra Zeka sits in a chair under a text holding a drink in her left hand, resting it on a table. A group of people converse behind her.
      Alessandra Zeka

      Documentary Filmmaker

    • David Black, wearing a trench coat, stands outside in front of a body of water looking directly into the camera with people behind him in the background.
      David Black


    • Profile photo of faculty member Jenna Ricker smiling in closeup wearing a necklace, with green outerwear covering a white shirt
      Jenna Ricker

      Writer, Director, Producer

    • Profile photo of faculty member Bill Hopkins taken outside a busy street. A bag strap hangs across his black jacket as he looks into the camera with a sun setting behind him.
      William Hopkins

      Film and Television

    • Profile photo of faculty member Nana Simopoulous playing a musical instrument with a concentrated expression, wearing a black jacket over a black shirt.
      Nana Simopoulos

      Musician, Composer, Sound Designer

    • Profile photo of faculty member done as an artistic style, possibly watercolors, showing just Paul's face in profile.
      Paul Cronin


    • Profile photo of faculty member Audrey Rapoport looking intently into the camera wearing a turquoise top and a blurred out background that appears to be some kind of vegetation behind her.
      Audrey Rapoport


    • Profile photo of faculty member Kerry Fulton looking directly into the camera with a dark blazer over a dark shirt and a silver colored necklace and clear glasses.
      Kerry Fulton

      Producer - CEO of Evenfield Entertainment

    • Profile photo of faculty member Michael Goldfried smiling and looking directly into the camera in a close up. The collar of a shirt just barely visible, and a beige background behind him.
      Michael Goldfried

      Writer, Director, Actor

    • Profile photo of faculty member Mihaela Mihut looking intensely into the camera with a black shirt and a red background behind her.
      Mihaela Mihut


    • Profile photo of faculty member Igor Sunara
      Igor Sunara


    • Faculty Member Amresh Sinha in a closeup from the chest up, wears a suit and speaks into a podium microphone while looking down.
      Dr. Amresh Sinha

      film theorist