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FACULTY: Alessandra Zeka

Documentary Filmmaker

Stay curious and be unapologetic about it!

Cinematography ( T.A.I. – Madrid Spain)

A quiet Inquisition,
Harsh Beauty,
Te Durosh,
The “indignados” vote
Katrina and the 3 million dollar tiger,
Two brothers ( making of )
Surviving Amina
in 360 filmmaking
“Sunday Fight”
“Ray’s candy shop, “
The slipper room, a palace of variety”
“yo soy una” 
“window to freedom”

City Arts Grant 2021 ( NYFA)
Soros/Sundance documentary film (grant)
Chicken and Egg (grant)
N.Y.S.C.A (grant)
N.Y.F.A (grant)
Rockefeller Brothers filmmaking award
Jerome Foundation (grant)
Lucious and Eva Eastman Foundation (grant)
Artslink Foundation (grant)
Dobkin Family foundation (grant)
Vaclav Havel Prize in documentary ( a Quiet inquisition)
Women in Film Festival audience award ( Harsh Beauty)

Introduction Virtual Reality Filmmaking

Introduction to Film I & II