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FACULTY: Ander Agudo

Sound Designer, Mixer, Musician

As a trained musician since childhood, I’ve always gravitated toward sound in all its forms. From TV to film, from producing music to live sound mixing and art house, I use skills I’ve learned throughout different disciplines to cultivate a sound universe that best fits each project.

A sentiment I’ve too often heard during my career is, “ I don’t understand sound.” We live in a culture where everything is visual, and we are seemingly losing our ears. We need to reconnect with our hearing, one of our first given senses.

In my classes, students are encouraged to listen critically; we learn that sound is key in the process of filmmaking and storytelling, not just through learning the tools and fundamentals of sound, but also through the understanding that sound is an exciting Art of its own.


Bachelor of Sound at Microfusa, Barcelona. Ear training at Láula de Música Moderna y Jazz, Barcelona. Musical Language and Auditory Perception at Tallers de Musics, Barcelona.

Lock Up; U2 360º DVD Box set; Ciao Pirla!; Toloriu; El reto de Eva; La Gran il-lusió; Placido Domingo : My Greatests Roles; The six Degrees of Freedom; Maria del Mar; Frágil; Gira: Construye tu pasión; Lunas de Marte; Mediterranean Food

Film Festivals: Festival de Malaga, Bafta, Docs Barcelona, Calgary International Film Festival, Ficunam.

Sound Production I & II

Audio Formats