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FACULTY: George LaVoo

Writer, Director

I teach my directing students the steps necessary to walk onto a set fully prepared.

It is surprising to many first time directors that the skill most necessary is not “ultimate control” but “communication.” Directors have the final say, but the best directors create an atmosphere that is free, open, and collaborative. No movie is made by just one person. There is always interaction with actors, writers, cinematographers, production sound, editors, etc. And this interaction is what the process of filmmaking is all about.

I enjoy motivating students to make as many short films as possible. I tell them use a camera the school provides or the camera on your phone, gather your classmates, find a core group of people you can count on, practice in the safe environment of a classroom setting what this process of “collaboration” is all about …  and keep making movies, because that’s how you will grow as an artist.

BFA, New York University

A Dog Year; Blood Monkey; Real Women Have Curves; By Reason of Insanity: Hugh Kelly; Getting to Know You; Frisk; Tarantella

Sundance, Berlin, Venice, London, Havana, San Sebastian International Film Festival, Rotterdam, Toronto

Audience Award, Sundance Film Festival; Humanitas Prize, National Board of Review; Ten Producers to Watch, Variety; New Directors/New Films, Museum of Modern Art; FIPRESCI Special Jury Award, Stockholm Film Festival

Introduction to Film I & II

Narrative I & II

Film Production Workshop I & II

Advanced Directing I & II

Advanced Production I & II