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FACULTY: Ian Holden

Film Editor

I am a professional film editor stationed in NYC. While I primarily cut narrative and documentary features, I also have experience editing short films, music videos, commercials, experimental films, and trailers.

As a student and prior apprentice to editor Walter Murch, I’ve focused my energies on exploring both the invisible and visible cut. While the former requires constructing a continuous and perceptibly seamless scene or experience, the latter draws attention to the presence of the cut for emotional or rhythmic purposes. I am a long-time drummer, so I often infuse rhythmic editing into my work.

I teach editing courses at SVA in Premiere and Avid, and cover a wide-range of material, from the basics of media organization, to the fundamentals of using the software, advanced editing techniques, color correction, sound mixing, sound design, special effects, and key-framing/automation. It is my goal that students not only gain appreciation for the effectiveness of the art of editing, but also learn a wide range of helpful industry-standard tools that will empower them to create their own work.

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, Bachelor of Science in Communication: Film/TV Major. Graduated 2012.

Editor – Narrative/Documentary Features


Pat Steir – Artist                      2018

The Weekend Fix                     2017

National Park Diaries             2016

A Space Program                    2015

To Be Forever Wild                 2014

Loves Her Gun                       2013

Boomshaka Ensemble             2012

Roy Lichtenstein                      2010


Associate/Assistant Editor – Features


Skin                                         2018

Sublime Doc                            2018

Redoubt (Matthew Barney)     2017

Cracked Up                             2017

Queen of Katwe                       2016

Newtown                                 2015

Roger Waters: The Wall          2014

Loblolly House                        2010

Shut Up and Sing                    2006


Editor – Short Films (Selected)


A Boy a Man and a Kite          2018   

Dead of Night                          2018

Mansa Musa                           2018

Surf                                         2017

Google Portrait                       2016

Mirrors                                   2016

Labor of Love                         2015

Fine – Daphne Guinness        2015

Reflections                               2012

Lone Star Best Texas Film Award – Loves Her Gun (2013), Northwestern University Magna Cum Laude (2012), Communication Century Scholar, Production Award (2011), Golden Key Society (2012)

Advanced Premiere Pro