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FACULTY: Kamil Dobrowolski

Director of Operations

Editing a film is like solving a puzzle. You are handed random pieces of footage and given the task to make them fit together. Sometimes there is a clear vision of what the final look should be, but often it is discovered and altered during the editing process. Often an individual piece of the puzzle is useless until you find the perfect match for it. The puzzle might contain a handful of pieces or thousands to solve. I’ve always been fascinated by how the sum of all these tiny pieces can make a beautiful final image and a compelling story.

As a professional editor, I have worked on feature-length documentaries, narratives and in advertising. Projects I have worked on have screened at festivals that include Berlin, Tribeca, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Krakow, IDFA, IDA and Full Frame. I have also worked as a colorist, sound designer, postproduction supervisor, digital consultant and cinematographer. I strongly believe that my editing experience has opened doors to other areas of postproduction and beyond.

As an instructor, I take my knowledge from the field and try to channel it into the classroom. Editing tools continue to advance at an exponential pace. As artists we have to constantly evolve our skill set and not become complacent and static. I aim to push my students to become amazing artists who combine their creativity with technical knowhow to become invaluable professionals in their field.

MFA, Social Documentary, School of Visual Arts

Side by Side, Larry Flynt: The Right to be Left Alone, Rise of the Dead, The Silent Truth, The Children of Fleeting Light, Insidious, The Robber Barons of Wall Street

Berlin, Tribeca, IDFA, Hong Kong, Munich, DocuWeeks, Full Frame, Ann Arbor, Sydney, Maui, Melbourne

People’s Voice Award, Webby; Best Short Film, Hoboken International Film Festival

Editing I & II

Postproduction: Digital Workflow I & II

Intro Film Production I & II

Art of Editing