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Cinematographer, Director

“Sing a song
Make it simple
To last your whole life long
Don’t worry that it’s not good enough
For anyone else to hear
Sing~ Sing a song”
Written By: Joe Raposo. Lyrics to Sing. The Sesame Street Kids. 1974

I didn’t grow up with Sesame Street. Being an immigrant to this country; I only discovered the rich educational history by watching it with my daughter. For my daughter and future students I would like to borrow an essential sentiment from Sesame Street – “make it simple and truthful so it can last your whole life long.” This reflects my own closely held belief that: storytelling belongs to those with the resilience to listen to their heart.

My journey led me to filmmaking and this resilient heart continues to listen and recognize the power of cinema and the truth each of us has to bring to it.

As I was growing up in Taipei, Taiwan I remember seeing Wong Kar Wei’s Happy Together. From the first slow motion shot of the waterfall, I knew something was different about this movie experience. I was awakened to something imbedded in those pictures emotionally.

I have a BFA from The School of Visual Arts at NYC and a MFA from The American Film Institute with a focus in Cinematography. After finishing my Academic studies I looked toward an apprenticeship position as a way to better acclimate myself to the professional industry. I was fortunate enough to find myself an assistant position with Fred Elmes, ASC on the Emmy winning Steven Zaillian mini series The Night Of. It was 6 months of intense orientation to an industry dedicated to innovation and traditions. That experience led me to a position in the camera department on Jim Jarmusch’s Patterson. Though vastly different projects, both provided a new clarity for my convictions and a confirmation of my first instincts that led me to my craft.

My mission at SVA is to nurture each student’s voice and be open to their creative visions. To give the gift of cinema to a new generation of artists who are blessed enough to discover this amazing art form; designed to communicate the complicated emotions of our lives.

BFA – School of Visual Arts, Cinematography.
MFA – American Film Institute, Cinematography.

FaceBook Open EStudio x Remezcala , Cinematographer)
R&T ( (Producer /Director )
AGW Project (Producer /Director)
DOC NYC -Elder’s Corner (Dir: Adesiji Awoyinka, Producer/ Cinematographer)

Freya-D (Director/Cinematographer)
The State of Things ( Dir: Alisha Hnatjuk. -Cinematographer)
Gazebo (Dir:Molly Ruth Gandour – Adirondack FF-Cinematographer)
DayOne (Dir: Arielle Goldman-NightHawk FF -Cinematographer)
Awakening(Dir: Kitty Lin-Zero Film Festival -Cinematographer)

Best Visual Achievement – Zero Film Festival 2010
Best Visual -LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. 2011

Production I & II
Cinematography I & II