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FACULTY: Nana Simopoulos

Musician, Composer, Sound Designer

I consider myself a sound enthusiast.

As a society, our attention over the centuries has drifted from our ears which are multidimensional to our eyes which are forward focused. We live in an eye dominated world where images confront us most of the waking hours whether we are on the streets or in our homes.

The key to any film or animation is a good soundtrack. In class, we explore the effects of sound and music not just through our ears but through all the cells of our body. We listen deeply and begin to separate the sounds in order to bring out the clarity, tone and color of each individual aural moment. Finally, we decide what sounds, voice or instrument to feature and what to keep as a support element in the soundtrack, what effects to use to enhance each sound or instrument and mix it all into a cohesive whole.

Duke University; BA, Musician’s Institute Certificate, Mannes College

Original CDs include: Wings and Air, Still Waters, After The Moon, Gaia’s Dream, Daughters of the Sun, Skins, I Will Remember You.

Film Scores: The Domain of the Senses; Touch, Alicia Was Fainting, Make Room for Mario, The First Thanksgiving, Indians of the Southeast.

Dance compositions: After The Fall, Ayego, Speed of Passion

Theater Scores: A Absolute Mystery, Matrix Maison, Conversations with the Goddesses

Meet the Composer, ASCAP Special Award, Jerome Foundation Grant

Sound Design

Score Your Film

Pro Tools I & II

Music and Sound Techniques