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FACULTY: Renee Silverman


Students in my class focus on the elements of storytelling fundamentals as we draw from a variety of films to serve as prototypes for projects.

In addition to lectures and discussions, our class functions as a writer’s workshop where students share story ideas, outlines, treatments and drafts as they work towards scripting films they are excited to produce.

As students gain mastery over writing and story structure, they are challenged to test different approaches to developing their ideas. The goal is to deepen the student’s understanding of film language in order to create material that inspires and motivates them. In addition to scriptwriting, students delve into how to write scripts that serve as blueprints for the other filmmaking departments of cinematography, editing, sound, and art design. My classroom strives to be a safe, creative workshop where students feel free to push the boundaries of the visual medium as they develop their voices and define themselves as filmmakers in the most of collaborative of arts.

Barnard College, BA; New York University – Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, MA

Desperado: The Life and Work of Wim Wenders

It Must Schwing: The Blue Note Story

Refugee Kids: One Small School Takes on the World

Sosúa: Make a Better World

Twenty Pearls: The Story of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

The Vow from Hiroshima

Other Islands

Deep Water

Rose D’Or, Cannes, DOC NYC, Austin Film Festival, US Film Festival, Teaneck International Film Festival, Immigration Film Festival, Long Island Film Festival

Fundamentals of Narrative