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FACULTY: Robert Kolodny

Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor

“The film of tomorrow will be an act of love.”

This is a statement made originally by François Truffaut, which has resonated deeply with me since I first discovered it. It has become a sort of mantra in how I go about my work.

Why do we make films? It is the simple and deeply universal urge to communicate, to be heard, to be seen. The want to connect. To tell a story and moreover to do so with passion, beauty, humor, sorrow – whatever tool is the most fitting for the narrative we wish to weave; but always it must be done with personal truth,  always by way of the heart.

I am a working filmmaker. As a professor I hope to impart my lived knowledge of the craft of actually making films to my students. To teach how the film of tomorrow can be an act of love.

BFA: Film – School of Visual Arts

As Director

The Featherweight (2023)
Disappeared Quipu (2018)
La Noche de la Especies (2017)
Fly on Out (2013)
Shelter (2010)

As Director of Photography

Procession (2021)
Plastic Bag Store (2021)
Holiday Sauce…Pandemic! (2020)
Disappeared Quipu (2018)
La Noche de la Especies (2017)

As Additional Cinematographer

The Sweet East (2023)
All the Beauty and the Bloodshed (2022)
Bisbee ’17 (2018)
Kate Plays Christine (2016)
Lenny Cooke (2013)

80th Venice Film Festival 2023 (“The Featherweight” {Director})

54th International Film Festival of India 2023 (“The Featherweight” {Director})

Woodstock Film Festival 2023 (“The Featherweight” {Director})

Montclair Film Festival 2023 (“The Featherweight” {Director})

American Film Festival, Poland 2023 (“The Featherweight” {Director})

Festival de Cannes 2023 (“The Sweet East” {Add’l Cinematographer})

New York Film Festival 2023 (“The Sweet East” {Add’l Cinematographer})

New York Film Festival 2022 (“All the Beauty and the Bloodshed” {Add’l Cinematographer})

Venice Film Festival 2022 (“All the Beauty and the Bloodshed” {Add’l Cinematographer})

Telluride Film Festival 2021 (“Procession” {Director of Photography})

Camden International Film Festival 2021 (“Procession” {Director of Photography})

Woodstock Film Festival 2021 (“Procession” {Director of Photography})

Times Square Arts 2020 (“Plastic Bag Store” {Director of Photography})

National Theatre of Norway 2020 (“Holiday Sauce…Pandemic!” {Director of Photography})

Sundance Film Festival 2018 (“Bisbee ‘17” {Add’l Cinematographer})

True/False Film Fest 2018 (“Bisbee ‘17” {Add’l Cinematographer})

The Brooklyn Museum 2018 (“Disappeared Quipu” {Director/Cinematographer})

Museum Fine Art, Boston 2018 (“Disappeared Quipu” {Director/Cinematographer})

Lehmann Maupin Gallery 2018 (“La Noche de la Especies” {Director/Editor})

Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans 2017 (“La Noche de la Especies” {Director/Editor})

Festival de Cannes 2014 (“Fly on Out” {Director})
HBO Urbanworld Film Festival 2013 (“Fly on Out” {Director})

First Glance Film Festival 2011 (“Shelter” {Director})

Woodstock Film Festival 2011 (“Dot” {Writer})

Garden State Film Festival 2011 (“Shelter” & “Dot” {Director & Writer})

Tiburon International Film Festival 2011 (“Shelter” {Director})

Max Ophüls Preis Filmfestival 2011 (“Dot” {Writer})
Dusty Film and Animation Festival 2010 (“Shelter” {Director})


DOC NYC 40 Under 40, co-presented by HBO Documentary Films (2022)

Visiting Artist Jonathan B. Murray Center for Documentary Journalism (2022)

Visiting Artist Museum of the Moving Image, First Look Film Festival (2021)

Fellowship, NewportFILM Documentary Cinematography Lab (2019)



95th Academy Awards® Documentary Shortlist: All the Beauty and the Bloodshed (2022)

Emmy Award Nomination: (News & Documentary): Outstanding Lighting Direction (2022)

94th Academy Awards® Documentary Shortlist: Procession (2021)

Film Independent Spirit Awards Nomination: Best Documentary (2021)

Emmy Award (New York): Outstanding Informational/Instructional, Director (2014)

Urbanworld Film Festival: Audience Choice Award (2013)

AbelCine/Vision Research Miro High Speed Challenge: Grand Prize (2013)

Vimeo Staff Pick (2012)

First Glance Film Festival (Short Film Category): Best Director (2011)

Garden State Film Festival: Home Grown Short Award (2011)

Tiburon International Film Festival: Golden Reel Award (2011)

Dusty Film and Animation Festival-National Board of Review-Human Spirit Award (2010)

Directing for Film
Writing The Short Film
Narrative I & II