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Meicen Meng – 2019



I knew I still wanted to tell a story of same sex love set in China. The kind of story I never got to see growing up in mainland China. I wanted to make a rebellious story. I wanted to make a contrast between a conservative culture and progressive representation. I wanted to attack the rigid, overwhelming, steel-like heteronormativity in Chinese society. I wanted to do it through beauty, color, sunset, passion, youth, with stunning nature, with acting, lights, movement, space and time, with cinema. I wrote the first draft in one night. I had been thinking and planning the story arch and different scenes for days, but the act of writing itself has always been intimidating to me. As a queer non-binary artist, I cannot find a space in the culture where I am allowed to exist and be myself. Then again, that is precisely why I want to make films like Beyond The Green Mountain. If that space doesn’t exist, let us create it for ourselves.